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Fortune 300 Senior R.E. Director
Generated $40mm+ in Cost Savings for Past Clients

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Time Warner Cable Dore Property Ventures is a privately owned real estate firm engaged in all forms of real estate, commercial and residential brokerage for individual and mid-size company portfolio needs. As principle consultant, Dore Property Ventures offers cutting edge cost-efficient and energy-saving real property solutions that impact customer's triple bottom line while reducing a building's impact on our environment. The company specializes in green residential and commercial retrofit projects and deconstruction of existing structures.

About Us

Mark Dore

Mark Dore, MCR, CSSS, Owner

I am a visionary Real Estate leader with a track record of optimizing portfolio value, winning new business, and remaining at the leading edge in a highly challenging industry.

My greatest sense of satisfaction is in motivating peak performing teams - and creating customized solutions for unique customer scenarios within corporations, small businesses and private ownerships.


cssb_logo• Sustainable / Green Specialist
• Strategic Planning
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Supply Chain Management
• Facility Off-Shoring
• Savvy Negotiator
• Operations Management


• Delivered 25% IRR and 16% ROIC on proposed new Family Dollar Stores openings-100% growth rate-within 4 months.
• Reduced and/or avoided $11.7 million in CRE transaction and administrative costs for Time Warner Cable-150%+ of first-year target and 200%+ of aggressive second year goal-through success of organizational restructure (centralized CRE function) and performance improvement initiatives (implementation of best practices, cost controls, accountabilities and incentives).
• Elected corporate officer and top ranking executive at Conseco, Inc. with P&L accountability for operations management and leadership of a mission critical internal strategic business unit - CRE, facility management and procurement in support of $750+ million, 5 million square-foot real estate portfolio.
• Delivered $3.5 million to the bottom line - without disruption or decline in service quality - through the combination of outsourcing FM, implementing a national purchasing consortium, automating the RFP function, reducing head count by 50% and consolidating 7 call centers into 3.
• Launched and managed a $36 million development project, encompassing a 90 acre campus, totaling 500,000+ square feet for shared services, including a 116,000 square feet main office facility. Brought in all phases on time and within budget.
• Entrusted by senior management with structuring, negotiating, and closing a contract for sale, which was valued at $8.5 million and recognized during this period as the world's largest TV manufacturing plant.
• Led 10-member transaction team in acquisition of the South Carolina divisional head office completed at 400% below appraised value of $15 million.
• Reduced logistics costs 300% and earned "Transaction of the Year" award from the State of Texas, showcasing consolidation of 3 warehouse facilities in then the largest Build-to-Suit project in North America, 1998.